About Us

Established in 2010, Cotton Rings Inc. stands as one of the most venerable companies in the home textile industry. Our operations encompass the manufacturing, importing, and global distribution of home textile products, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from independent and local retailers to regional and national entities in the United States and beyond. Additionally, we extend our services to e-commerce retailers through our drop ship capabilities, ensuring seamless delivery and, above all, providing innovative, quality-driven home textile products at competitive prices.

At the core of our success is a dedicated in-house design team that continuously introduces inspired and design-centric products. These creations are brought to life in renowned manufacturing facilities, allowing us to present trendsetting fashions that exude luxury for every corner of the home. Our fully staffed office efficiently manages customer direct import orders, overseeing the entire process from sourcing and manufacturing to stringent quality control measures.

As a textile company, we prioritize and nurture our relationships with trading partners, clients, and suppliers. Our sustained growth over the years is marked by the commitment and dedication of our entire team. Cotton Rings Inc. has proven its resilience over time, consistently delivering new and innovative products to the market year after year, making us a reliable and enduring force in the industry.