Our Work

Our Process at Cotton Ring

Design & Development

Cotton Ring is viewed as an extension of our retail partners’ in-house design staff. We are students of retail, studying new assortments and trends, and bringing differentiated products to make private, exclusive and national brands resonate with consumers.

We approach the design and development process uniquely, allowing us to examine the potential risks and hurdles to be overcome in order to bring the most user friendly, high quality materials and products to our partners and our brands.

When it comes to meeting consumer needs, we must assess every detail to ensure we are providing the most exceptional materials and utilizing the most innovative procedures in each aspect of our creative process.

Sourcing & Distribution  

We take care of coordinating products from multiple locations to achieve consistent and cohesive design. With this strategy, our innovative design team has the tools to create the most cost–effective and relevant home goods.

Our extensive factory network provides built-in contingency options if one country of supply experiences unusual raw material, costing, tariff or production fluctuations. We have Sunham staff on the ground globally to oversee production and quality.

  • New York, USA (HQ) 
  • Shanghai, China 
  • New Delhi, India 
  • Tamil Nadu, India 
  • Faisalabad, Pakistan 

Sustainability & Innovation

Because sustainability and innovation are embedded within our culture, Cotton Ring creates products, services, and processes that meet the needs of the current generation, without compromising the needs of future generations.

We have made intentional changes to our processes that affect long-term social and environmental benefits for the communities we serve and for the future. We’re committed to responsible development and innovation while continually searching for ways to increase production, capacity, and community support, while reducing our environmental impact.